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Photo Credit by J. H Fair

The transportation, storage, disposal, sale or use of toxic waste from fracking operations has been banned in many counties in New York State and statewide in Connecticut. These laws generally include prohibitions on the acceptance of fracking waste at landfills or water treatment plants, and the purchase or use of "ice treatments" and other road surface materials that use highly contaminated water from fracking operations.


Below is a list of counties that have enacted legislation banning fracking waste. Click on the names to see the legislation itself. If your county has not yet enacted laws to prohibit fracking waste, please contact us for more information and model policies.


Albany County 2013 (property/roads, waste water treatment facilities) 


Albany County 2014 (landfills)


Cayuga County


Clinton County

State of Connecticut 

Erie County

Nassau County

New York City


Oneida County


Onondaga County


Orange County 10 of 2013


Orange County 14 of 2013


Putnam County


Rockland County


Schoharie County


Suffolk County


Tompkins County


Ulster County


Westchester County

Fast Facts

  • Fracking waste contains radioactive material brought to the surface by drilling as well as a toxic mixture of chemicals used in the fracking process.

  • Congress has exempted oil and gas waste from the definition of hazardous waste even though it routinely exceeds criteria fro such classification.

  • Public and private wastewater treatment facilities are not capable of processing the hazardous chemicals and radioactive materials produced by drilling activities.



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