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Wireless Radiation
Wireless Radiation Page

Wireless technologies are proliferating rapidly in every aspect of our lives, and while they may be convenient, scientific research shows that they are also impacting our health, even at levels far below the Federal Communications Commission’s obsolete thermal-only (heat) standards, which have not been updated since 1996. Recognition of those health impacts is following the similarly slow trajectory of the awareness of the hazards of tobacco, lead and asbestos that spanned decades of harm before stricter regulations were finally enacted. 

Fast Facts

  • Thousands of scientific studies demonstrate biological harm from exposure to wireless radiation, including cancer and DNA breaks.


  • The exposure guidelines set by the FCC were adopted in 1996, based only on thermal effects, not the non-thermal biological effects currently being proven.


  • Experts from around the world are calling for a moratorium on further expansion of wireless networks.

For more information, please see our pages on Cell Phones & Devices, Smart Meters, Wireless Networks and Wireless Radiation and Health, and visit our three dedicated websites below. 

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