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Organic Lawns & Landscapes

Grassroots has been a leader in the field of natural lawn care since our founding in 2000. Since that time we have conducted scores of two-day training programs throughout the Northeast, where hundreds of private landscapers and institutional turf managers have learned the science and cultural practices of natural lawn care. We have a wide range of materials available, from video training models to simple fact cards for homeowners, from sample letters to landscapers to information on keeping your pets safe from pesticides.

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The Grassroots organic lawn & landscapes program encompasses a broad range of resources for professional landscapers and turf managers as well as homeowners who want to manage their lawns and fields without toxic chemical pesticides or synthetic high-nitrogen, water-soluble fertilizers. The program is based on soil science, and how healthy soil biology can make lawns and playing fields (including sports fields) naturally resistant to weeds, insects, and lawn diseases. 

Organic Lawns and Landscapes Resources
Green Lawn Card.jpg

The Green Lawn

Unacceptable Risk flyer.jpg

Unacceptable Risk

LI Lawn Care Guide pic.png

Long Island 
Lawn Care Guide

(good for anywhere!)

Sample Town Policy Organic Turn Pic.png

Sample Town Policy
Organic Turf

Six Steps pic.png

Six Steps to an
Organic Lawn

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