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Grassroots' Resources

It is part of the mission of Grassroots to empower individuals and other organizations to act as catalysts for change in their own neighborhoods, schools, towns and cities. To accomplish that mission, we create videos, informational sheets, brochures, postcards, flyers and other collateral material that can be used by others in their advocacy efforts. 

In many cases, these materials can be customized with your organization's name and/or logo, or re-designed for a specific event or campaign. Please call our office to discuss your needs. 

Please feel free to download and reprint any of these materials you find useful. Our copyright permits the use of any of our materials for advocacy efforts without permission. 

We are happy to send samples of brochures, palm cards and other specialty print materials to you at no cost. For larger print orders, please call us (516) 883-0887


We are very appreciative of your support and are grateful to your contributions to help offset our design and production costs. 

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