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Our mission at Grassroots is to help you succeed in your advocacy efforts at home, in your neighborhood, at your child's school and in your town or city. Many of our flyers and smaller brochures can be customized to include your organization's logo and contact information.  Please call our office (516-883-0887) to order materials or for more information.

Children's Health
Resources Menu
Natural Gas Issues
Organic Lawns & Pesticides
Smart Meters
Wireless Radiation
The BabySafe Project
ChildSafe Schools

Children's Health

Protecting Your Child’s Health Brochure PDF

Spring Alert Flyer PDF

The Happy Healthy Baby Flyer PDF

Green Checklist for Childcare Facilities Brochure PDF

Natural Gas Issues

Consideration of Radiation in Fracking Waste Report PDF

Human Health Risks and Exposure Pathways Report PDF

Public Health Concerns About Fracking Waste Fact Sheet PDF

Radioactive Waste Facts Flyer PDF

The Road Sign Nobody Wants to See Flyer PDF


Organic Lawns & Pesticides

The Grassroots Green Lawn Card PDF

Consumer's Guide to Organic Lawn Care Brochure PDF

Lawn Pesticides: An Unacceptable Risk Flyer PDF

Natural Turf Management for Schools & Towns Promo Sheet PDF

Natural Turf Pro Training Program Promo Sheet PDF

Best Practices for Grub Control Flyer PDF

Protecting Your Pet From Pesticides Card PDF

Turf Comparison Report Organic vs. Chemical Report PDF

Gas Leaf Blowers Fact Sheet PDF

Independent Science on the Effect of Gas Leaf Blowers on Human Health PDF

Organic Lawn Policy for Schools and Towns PDF

Six Steps for Organic Lawn Care Guide PDF


Smart Meters

Smart Meters Fact Sheet PDF

Smart Meter Info Flyer PDF

Smart Meter Opt-Out Letter Sample Letter PDF


Wireless Radiation

Please visit ur Tool Kit at Americans for Responsible Technology


About Grassroots Brochure PDF

Eleven Easy Things to Do Around Your Home Flyer PDF

Fluoride in Public Water Supplies Flyer PDF

12 Things to Know About Synthetic Turf  PDF
Synthetic Turf Fact Sheet PDF

Are GM Foods Harming Our Children? Fact Sheet PDF

One Earth Alert (Plastic pollution) PDF


Resources from Grassroots Environmental Education Programs

The BabySafe Project

BabySafe Poster PDF

Workplace Flyer PDF

What You Should Know Brochure (English) PDF

What You Should Know Brochure (Spanish) PDF

What You Should Know Brochure (French) PDF

ChildSafe Schools

For a comprehensive list of policies, scientific information and Q&A sheets on critical environmental issues at schools, please visit the Resource Guide on the ChildSafe Schools website

How Green Is My Town?

To see our provocative advocacy flyers on a variety of environmental issues, please see the Materials page on our website. 

Long Island Water

LI Water Rack Card PDF

Protecting Our Water Flyer PDF

Blue Water Card PDF

LI Lawn Care Guide Brochure PDF

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