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Cutting Through the Haze Part Two
Tools for Measuring Air Quality and Protecting Public Health

Cutting Through the Haze V2 rev.png
 presented by
Grassroots Environmental Education
 and the Environmental Health Project
Breakout Sessions
  • Policy & Advocacy - Reducing Harmful Emissions in New York State Communities

  • Health & Wellness Education - Overcoming Barriers to Engagement in Air Pollution Awareness

  • Data Collection & Analysis - Sustaining Citizen Science Initiatives for the Long Haul


Air pollution from all sources threatens public health in communities of all sizes across New York. Since 2012, the Environmental Health Project has provided tools for decision makers, residents, and health care professionals to protect public health in the face of this pollution. 

On Thursday, April 11, please join Grassroots Environmental Education (GEE) and the Environmental Health Project (EHP) for an informative and interactive event to discuss the health impacts from local pollution from fossil fuel infrastructure and other facilities and how you can leverage critical EHP tools to protect public health. This is the second event in the Cutting Through the Haze event series. (See the videos from the first event in the series here.) And click here for answers to some additional questions raised during the first webinar. 

This two-hour program will include information on health effects from air pollutants and the limitations of the standard approach in understanding regional air quality. The experts' presentations will be followed by interactive discussions focused on policy, public education and outreach, and successful community air quality initiatives. Policy makers, public officials, health professionals, advocates, community members and organizations are welcome.


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