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Protect Our River
and Our Children

Holtec International, the company responsible for decommissioning the Indian Point nuclear facility, plans to dump one million gallons of radioactive wastewater from the highly contaminated fuel pools at the site into the Hudson River, posing a serious threat to public health and the entire ecosystem as well as the economy of the region.  The fuel pools contain numerous radionuclides including tritium. Research shows that exposure to radioactive contaminants is linked with cancer, miscarriages, genetic defects and other adverse health effects.


The Hudson River is a tidal estuary, flowing in both directions, from New York Harbor to the Troy dam and is the primary water supply for more than 100,000 people in seven municipalities while other communities along the river rely on it as a backup water source.  It is also a prime destination for fishing, boating and tourism.  The nearby Buchanan Verplanck Elementary School is located less than 4000 feet from Indian Point site where decommissioning activities could be exposing the students to radioactive contaminants.

Coalition Members


United for Clean Energy

Indian Point Safe Energy Group

Safe Energy Rights Group

Grassroots Environmental Education

Food and Water Watch

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater


Sierra Club Lower Hudson Group

Mothers Out Front 

Westchester for Change

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A growing coalition of organizations and communities groups are opposing Holtec's plan to dump radioactive wastewater from Indian Point into the Hudson River and are also calling for the relocation of the Buchanan Verplanck Elementary School students to another building away from the site.

Counties and municipalities are also adopting resolutions opposing Holtec's plan.

Resolutions, Information and Links
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