We are what we eat…The old adage has never been more true. A wide variety of whole, unprocessed, uncontaminated, nutrient-dense organic foods is the key to health and vitality. These foods support the immune system, combat disease and provide energy.

But such foods are scarce in a food production world where giant industrial farms apply biosolids, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides on a single genetically modified crop, and our children think food comes encased in plastic containers ready for the microwave.

We can't cover every aspect of food in the pages of this site, so please look at our resources (below and on the sidebar), and seek out farmers’ markets, CSA programs and retail outlets that sell locally grown, organic foods.

And here's a tip you may not find elsewhere: When you purchase produce in a grocery store, you may have noticed stickers with a number code that provides pricing and other information for the retailer. Here's what those codes mean:
• A 4-digit sticker indicates that the item is conventionally grown, not organic.
• A 5-digit sticker beginning with a 9 indicates that the produce is organic
• A 5-digit sticker beginning with an 8 indicates the produce is a genetically modified fruit or vegetable!


Helping To Heal - Written as a guidebook for parents of seriouslly ill children, this remarkable book is a must-read for every parent, and contains lots of information about healthy food menus, food preparation and storage. Visit the book's website and buy the book on Amazon.

Food Rules, The Omnivore's Dilemma, and every other book by America's favorite food author, Michael Pollan.

See our list of favorite healthy cookbooks.